Company Profile

We pioneer in Recruitment Services, Translation services, Interpretations and Customized Software Development


With an expanding database of over 500,000 industry professionals, we deliver the right skills for business and help provide opportunities for candidates to grow within interim or permanent roles.


We build long-lasting relationships with talents offering them continuity through successive placements, training and career development.We help our clients develop their long-term staffing strategies and secure the employees best qualified to meet the unique challenges they face.


With our proven experience, extensive resources and integrated HR solutions we connect clients with the people they need, and people with the work they want.



Link Technologies Pvt Ltd is long established within the industry and provides a broad range of services to its clients:-

Temporary / Contract Staffing

Permanent / Lateral Hiring

Fresher / Campus Hiring

Retained Advertising Campaigns

Contractor management (payroll funding)



Our experience means you will not have your time wasted interviewing candidates who do not meet the standards and experience demanded by your company, our professionalism and integrity means only candidates who are genuinely interested in your vacancy, will be submitted.

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